For Buyers

What is Realty Hotwire LLC

Realty Hotwire, LLC is established to give real estate buyers the ability to make offers and bid on real estate 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world with internet access.  Realty Hotwire, LLC is considered a cross between the traditional listing method and traditional auction method, incorporating the positive aspects of each for both, Buyers and Sellers.  Unlike other internet real estate bidding site, Realty Hotwire, LLC provides local service.


Previewing the Properties

It costs you nothing and you do not have to register to view the properties listed on Realty Hotwire, LLC.  Usually the more elaborate the property, the more information there will be to preview.  If you want to personally visit the property, please call the Agent responsible for the listing or a staff member of Realty Hotwire, LLC to schedule an appointment.


How Do I Register to Bid

If you see a property you would like to place an offer on, the registration process is easy.  Simply click on the “Registration” link and complete registration form and click on the submit button.  The computer will then send you your own personal bid number which will can be used on any properties listed by Realty Hotwire, LLC.


Bidding on a Property

To place a bid you should review the terms and conditions of the offering.  Depending on the property and the Sellers’ objectives, the terms and conditions will likely be different for many of the properties.  Before you can submit your bid, the computer will ask you if you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions.  A “yes’ answer will allow to proceed to place your bid.  Stated in the terms and Conditions, are the various minimum bid increments required.  These may vary depending on the value of the property and the current bidding level.   You may bid more than the minimum required but you cannot bid less.  The computer will notify you when you have been outbid, but we recommend that you also monitor bidding activity at your convenience.


Other Information Available

Our objective is to keep you as informed about the properties as we can with what information we have.  For some properties there may be links to additional information such as a Property Condition Disclosure Form, Inspection Reports, Tax Information, Property Survey, Real Estate Purchase Contract, etc.  The availability of these reports may vary by property.  Links will be provided for whatever information is available.