Company Info

What is Realty Hotwire, LLC?

Realty Hotwire, LLC is a non-traditional method of marketing real estate that can best be described as a cross between the traditional listing method and the traditional auction method by allowing sellers to offer their properties to prospective buyers and for prospective buyers to submit offers on those properties in an easy to use, online, competitive bidding process via the Internet.  Unlike other internet real estate marketing companies, Realty Hotwire, LLC provides a personal touch through local service.

In today’s world of advanced technology, it only makes sense to be able to market properties in a manner that will open them to local, regional, national, and even worldwide exposure.  Furthermore, with today’s advanced technology, Realty Hotwire, LLC gives prospective buyers the opportunity to review and make offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and from anyplace in the world.

Do online Internet auctions replace the traditional listing method and onsite auction method?  No, but why not provide a marketing method that incorporates features of both methods by which to offer clients another viable option for marketing and selling their property?  After all, if it makes sense to expose properties to a global marketplace, doesn’t it make sense to provide the buyers in that global marketplace a convenient way to purchase those properties?

Property Marketing Program

An individualized, tailor made marketing program can be developed for each property taking into account the type and value of the property, potential buyer market, and financial cost effectiveness.  The advertising program will then be implemented by our staff in accordance with the agreed upon marketing plan.

Bidding Capability

Prospective buyers will be able to register and bid online at anytime during the marketing period.  Bidders will also be able to see the current bid as well as the next required bid.