For Sellers

Different Properties and Different Seller Objectives Warrant Different Needs

When it comes to selling real estate, the “one size fits all” rule does not apply.  Real estate properties are different in many ways including:

  • type (residential, commercial, agricultural, recreation, etc.;
  • location;
  • size;
  • condition;
  • style;
  • amenities; and
  • value.

We also know from experience that some sellers have different primary objectives in selling their property.  For some it may be price, for others it may be a timely sale, a hassle free sale, or the desire to convert non-earning assets into cash.   Regardless, doesn’t it make sense to structure a marketing and sale method in a manner that is best suited to meet those objectives?

Advantages of Realty Hotwire LLC

While some properties are ideally suited for traditional listing and others are ideally suited for auction, Realty Hotwire LLC is a hybrid cross between a traditional listing and an auction that incorporates the advantages of both methods.  With Realty Hotwire, LLC, you can structure your listing in a manner designed to meet your objectives and the terms under which you desire while utilizing a competitive bidding format.

Questions for Sellers

  • Have you ever had a property on the market and not received any offers?
  • Have you sold a property and later felt like you left money on the table?
  • Do you have a unique property that is difficult to determine its worth?
  • Have you ever been fearful that a home inspection or other contingency would be detrimental to your sale?
  • Have you needed to sell your property within a specified time period?
  • Do you like the advantages of the auction method but are skeptical of the auction process?

Is Realty Hotwire, LLC for You

If you answered yes to any of the preceding questions, then Realty Hotwire LLC may be a viable option for you.  Our staff is experienced in evaluating properties and sellers objectives and advising those sellers on the most viable marketing method for their situation.  Our philosophy is very simple:  we look at every property as if it were ours and every seller’s situation as if it were us, and then determine what would we do in that situation.  In some cases it may be to go the traditional listing method, in other cases it may be to go the traditional auction method, and in others it may be to go the Realty Hotwire, LLC method.  Whatever the outcome, wouldn’t it be nice to know that all options have been considered and evaluated?  The need for a company like Realty Hotwire, LLC was conceived by both a realtor and an auctioneer with an understanding of the pros and cons of each and the merits of having something in between.

If You Are Presently Working With a Realtor

If you already have an established working relationship with a realtor, we welcome that.  As noted elsewhere, Realty Hotwire, LLC was founded not on the premise of competing with realtors or auctioneers but to work in cooperation with them to provide another marketing tool that they can offer their clients.  After all, the bottom line objective of everyone involved should be to successfully sell the client’s property.  Today’s progressive realtors recognize the need for a hybrid cross type company like Realty Hotwire, LLC when marketing certain properties.

If You Are Not Working With a Realtor

You can still contact us to determine if Realty Hotwire, LLC is the method of choice to assist you in marketing your property.  Remember, we are not a traditional listing company nor are we a traditional auction company.  Therefore, if your situation is one that we believe could be better met through traditional listing method or traditional auction method, then we will be glad to refer you to agents or auctioneers we consider best capable of handling your situation.

Costs or Fees for Realty Hotwire, LLC Services

Our fees are comparable to that of most other real estate and auction companies.  If you want a planned marketing program for your property, our staff could develop a tailored marketing program which would be presented for your approval.  In such cases, all or a portion of these costs may be collected up front, but refunded to you upon the sale of your property.  And in some cases there may be no costs.  Any costs collected go directly to the provider of those services and Realty Hotwire, LLC does not profit off of any sale-related costs.